Floating Ink Prints

Stephanie Damoff

These monotypes were made using etching ink floating in turpentine. The motion of the ink and the tension of the colors merging and separating are captured on the paper in a unique snapshot. Where indicated, the prints are on my handmade paper.

floating ink prints

"Corona (partial eclipse)" Etching ink on handmade (bleached abaca and recycled cotton) paper, 11.5 in. x 11.5 in. $150 "Long-needle White Pine" Etching ink on embossed handmade sisal paper, 7.5 in. x 11  in. $125 "At the Core I" Etching ink on kitakata, 10 in. x 17.5 in. $200 "At the Core II." Etching ink on kitakata, 11 in. x 17.5 in. $200